Taming the King
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M Kay Noir

Creating Gentle Femdom Moments

About Me

M. Kay Noir writes incredibly erotic yet wholesome gentle femdom fiction. Her brand is kinky and kind – something she brings to all her writing. She believes that good writing can elevate any sex scene to the next level. That’s why she spends so much time researching and editing her work to ensure top-quality scenes. Just because it’s erotica, does not mean readers must settle for unprofessional books. Above all, M. Kay believes in creating a safe space for her readers to explore their deepest desires. M. Kay has been writing erotica since she was 17 (more than half her life) and has written millions of words over her lifetime as an international magazine editor. Whether she’s writing about engineering principles or kinky BDSM – she believes in beautiful sentences that flow well. Her latest mission is to bring relatable gentle femdom to anyone curious or new to the kink community. Educational and arousing – that’s the aim. "And the rest is rust and stardust" as Vladimir Nabokov so beautifully captured in a sentence M. Kay can never forget.

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