"Taming the King"

by M Kay Noir

Alpha in the streets, submissive in the sheets
The mafia boss kneels only to one – his kinky queen
# Erotica
# Erotic Romance
# Romance
# Billionaires
# Dark

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Dante (43) and Danica (24) go shopping for sex toys but an unexpected incident interrupts their experience. Will they escape unscathed? (Serious “touch her and die” vibes.) Is this the day Dante finally gets collared? What does he have to do to become Danica’s good boy? A mafia boss romance with a femdom flair. What to expect * Bonus chapter: An unpublished scene from “Beg Me Please” (on KU) * Short and spicy: 3,200 words * Kinky, steamy, and fast-paced TW: Violence, aggression